Make your translations work for you!

Do you wish medical translators were better at researching your specialist areas?

In addition to many years’ experience in translating and editing medical documents of all kinds, I have that essential prerequisite for producing high-quality translations – an enquiring mind and the ability to distinguish between good and poor resources.

Are you finding it difficult to source pharmaceutical translators who understand the processes involved in drug registration and pharmacovigilance?

I have been closely involved with translations in these areas for over 10 years. Look at the types of document I am used to translating and editing here.

Do you find that translators have difficulty in suppressing their creative impulses when working on legal and patent documents that require fidelity to the source text?

I am equally at ease when handling translations that need to be ’literal’ and others where style is more important. Read my reflections on this matter.

Do you want a freelance translator who really understands what is needed to keep project managers happy?

Have a look at my message to translation companies here.

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